Techno Church: New Parishioners Sought

Churchgoers dance

Churchgoers dance

A Swedish church has held a techno mass as part of a very ambitious attempt to attract hard-core dance fans and new parishioners. Many churches  are not interested in trying new ways to bring in the younger generations, relying solely on parents teaching their children the need to go and the also making sure they introduce their young.

Evolution of rhythm and melodies

Over the many years the church has been around for, the rhythm and melodies of hymns and songs at services have most definitely evolved. You only need to look at the religious singers and bands to understand this, many in the younger generation would be more receptive to receiving the message if it fits with their interests.

There are many rock bands who sing about their faith and the words of those they believe in, and with the current wave of dance music taking a grip on the world it is not better time to use this to the advantage of the church.

It would be safe to say that dance orientated Techno and House music could very well be the next  step in the evolution of music used to speak to the younger generation, but for those that like to dance and enjoy the music it could open their minds to something that they may have not considered at any time in their lives.

This is quite possibly the first time this music has been trialled by the church and it has been the All Saints Church in Stockholm that has been credited with introducing the first ever techno-mass, preaching the bible though the medium of hard-core dance music under ultraviolet lighting.

Falling attendances

For Sweden in particular this has been the latest attempt in trying to attract a younger congregation in a country which has suffered from falling attendances at services for many decades now. Priest Olle Idestrom is the man who organizes the Mass and he revealed that the feedback has been in majority very positive, and this is all that can be expected as a small contingency of people will always find aspects and points to argue againt.

The Priest himself is no old by anyone’s book, being 28 and he said that there was already been a hip hop Mass, and there is also a rock Mass and a jazz Mass.

“It is mainly club music that we listen to and that we like dancing to, so it felt like a natural choice” said Priest idestrom.

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