Technical Problem Keeps Barclays Customers Unable to Access Funds

Barclays experienced a customer service nightmare on Saturday.

Barclays experienced a customer service nightmare on Saturday.

Barclay’s experienced a customer service nightmare on Saturday.  Customers were unable to access their accounts through cash machines to obtain funds for approximately seven hours.  During this same time period customer’s credit cards did not work and they could not check their accounts online.

The glitch began around noon and was not fixed until after 7 PM.  During this time people could not pay for meals at restaurants, purchase goods, or pay for petroleum.  The alternative of using their credit cards was to obtain cash to pay for expenditures, but they soon found out that the cash machines were not working either.  The problem left customers frustrated and confused as to what had happened to their accounts.  The Barclays helpline was overwhelmed with customer calls.

The computer glitch problem lay in the hands of American based NCR Corporation.  Barclays’s has a two year agreement with the company to manage and maintain its UK network of 550 cash machines.  The contract was signed just recently on August 16.

A Barclay’s spokeswoman apologized for the inconvenience to customers when the helpline was contacted.  She said she had no further information regarding the problem to share at the time.

Later on a Barclay’s call centre technical support spokeswoman said: “We became aware of the problem earlier in the day.  We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused.  There was a problem with the link system on the ATMs which meant people were unable to withdraw cash from machines or check their balances.  That problem was rectified after several hours.”

This is not the first time the bank has experienced technical problems.  In June of last year there was a problem when over 5 million customers were unable to withdraw cash.

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