Sweden: Man Stuck In Car For Two Months



Swedish authorities have said that a 44 year old man has survived in his car for two months after it was buried by snow. The man, Peter Skyllberg of Karlskrona, Sweden, survived by drinking melted snow but was not able to eat anything during his two month long nightmare.

Temperatures went lower than 22 degrees below zero outside, but the snow surrounding the car was able to act as a natural igloo, keeping the man warm enough to survive.

Mr Skyllberg was saved when a passerby from the nearby town of Umea came across his car and got help. While Skyllberg is alive, he was said to be in “really bad shape” when he was found.

‘Case of a lifetime’

The chief medical officer of Norland’s University Hospital in Umea, Dr. Ulf Segerberg, called the man the “case of a lifetime” and said that every year they receive many people who have frozen to death. He went on to say how lucky the man is and that cases of someone being outside for such a long time and not dying are very rare.

Dr Segerberg went on to say that anyone can tolerate starvation for a month if they have water to drink, but if someone has body fat then normally they can survive even longer. Skyllberg’s neighbour called him a ‘loner’, saying he had gotten into a lot of debt before just disappearing.


Skyllberg disappeared on December 19 and pictures of the vehicle after he was found showed the interior covered in ice. Some experts have claimed Mr Skyllberg went into a kind of human hibernation ,which slowed down his metabolism and allowed him to survive so long. The ordeal started when Skyllberg drove his car off the main road and got stuck on a forest track. Skyllberg is reported to be extremely malnourished and suffering from hypothermia. Police say when he was found he was so weak and emaciated he could barely speak.

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