Superman: Cage Sells Comic For £1.3m

Superman's first comic book appearance

Superman’s first comic book appearance

Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage has sold a rare first feature Superman for a record £1.3m, the comic comes from the first age and is known as Action Comics No1. It also sees the Man of Steel first appearance, and the rarity along with other factors has made it the first comic to surpass the $2 million level when the ‘Ghost Rider’ star sold the comic at an online auction.

Mint condition comic

Nicholas Cage purchased the mint condition 1938 comic book in 1997 for £96,000, when he was in line to star in a Superman film. Since then the interest in the superhero and the other DC superhero Batman has increased to maybe the highest point in their history.

The heightened interest is in part down to the movie starring Brandon Routh in 2006, and the prospect of the new ‘Man of Steel’ instalment of the movie first made internationally famous by the late Christopher Reeve in the lead position, but it just down to a general superfan interest in the comic heroes.

Moreover the television series ‘Smallville’ which has a cult following has also made the superhero accessible to those people who were not exposed to the comic books when they came out. Regardless of the exact reason, interest in superhero’s and super villains has never been as high as it is now.

The actor has a special place for Superman in his heart, being so obsessed with the superhero that he named his son Kal-El. He had also hung the very valuable comic on his wall for three years before it had been stolen when his house was broken into.

Cage and everyone concerned had pretty much lost all hope of ever seeing the comic again, but as luck would have it the comic turned up in an unclaimed storage locker which had been put up for auction.


The relieved actor had to cough up more money to get it back because the insurance company had already agreed on a settlement. However, with the price the comic has now sold for he has had no problem in coping with any of the extra cost since he sold the comic for a record breaking price.

The previous standing record for a comic was $1.5 million (£957,000) for the same book back in 2010, but this was in a worse state.

Cage has been going through financial problems of late, with many of his properties getting repossessed and the actor having to sell others just to cope with the pressure on him.

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