Sunday Sun: Quiet Launch For New Newspaper

Murdoch going to Sun offices to over Sunday edition

Murdoch going to Sun offices to over Sunday edition

It has been said that the Sunday edition of the Sun will not be modelled on the News of the World and that its journalists will maintain a value of decency. The News of the World was brought down last year by the phone hacking scandal.

The launch edition of the newspaper was personally overseen by News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch, with it being revealed that the first edition will not shy away from the controversy that the company had found themselves in last year.

It was also stated that the Sun’s reporters were expected to stick to the News Corporations standards for business conduct, and the Press Complaints Commission’s editors code.

Circulation war

This is not the first time in the last 40-years that Rupert Murdoch has unleashed a circulation war among national newspapers in Britain. However, this time the situation was a little different with the weapon of choice being a popgun.

The Sunday edition of the Sun made its debut as the replacement for the hugely discredited News of the World. The paper said that its first leader column would be ‘fearless, outspoken, mischievous and fun’. But on the evidence couldn’t be more contrasting, as if the first leader column is actually more timid, mumbling, joyless and dull.

The front page covered the story of reality TV’s Amanda Holden with the exclusive ‘My heart stopped for 40 seconds’. Even though she has recovered and is now fine, the same sentiment cannot be expressed for the newspaper. The paper has stuck tightly to the formula which has gone on to make the weekday Sun such a success.

Four new columnists have been unleashed by the newspapers including Katie Price also known as Jordon, chef Heston Blumenthal, political columnist Toby Young and lastly the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu.

It has been said that the Sunday version of the paper has been aimed at families, building the image of the perfect 1950s household.

Lord Justice Leveson

The paper cost 50p which is the same as the weekday version, which will force other papers to match it. The majority of its pages are dedicated to sport. There is the suggestion that the newspaper is trying to grab the bulk of the market share in the falling Sunday market, without spending too much money. But more importantly, without any political risk.

It will please Lord Justice Leveson to know that the new Sunday paper by News Corporation has kept the promise made, being that it wouldn’t be another News of the World in disguise. Figures have shown that News Corporation have seen its net profit rise by 65% in the three months to December 2011, in this period they made £888m net profit.


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