Spy Plane: Iran Displays Downed Drone

US spy plane

US spy plane

Iranian state TV has broadcasted a video of what they are calling the high-tech U.S. drone, specifically the RQ-170, which they brought down last week. The aircraft was displayed on Thursday last week and they revealed that they had brought the plane down by using an ‘electronic ambush’, this has instigated a round of boasts from Iranians over their technological prowess.

We’ll trample America underfoot

The main newscast was where the Iranians decided to unveil the drone which was made by Lockheed Martin. The drone is shown in a secret location with a couple of men in military fatigues walking around it.

In a stand of defiance the plane is shown covered in banners which read: “We’ll trample America underfoot”, and another which  says “The U.S. cannot do a damn thing.”

From what can be seen the left wing of the spy plane looks to have been broken probably where it had crashed. But this appears to have been repaired, but the drone in the video is beige in colour and this is different to the models that have been shown in stock footage. Moreover, this aircraft in possession of the Iranians also looked to be smaller in size.

In a very direct message aimed at the Americans the news reporter said: “They wanted to spy on Iran, but it has turned against them, Iran’s wisdom is keeping the Americans awake at night.”

A heavy threat to the strongest country in the west. The chief aerospace division of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps revealed that the drone was sent to the ground in a joint operation with the Guard and the regular army.

The chief also said that the drone has been equipped with technology that allowed it to gather all forms of communication, which meant that it had the capability to soak up important data that it would be able to use in the future.


However, U.S intelligence agencies have been looking at the footage with some making suggestions that the aircraft in the video may not be what the Iranians are making it out to be. There skepticism has come about after there were noticed inconsistencies in shape of the aircraft and the colour.

Officials from the U.S. do not dispute that a RQ-170 was flown over the country by the CIA but they do not believe the drone was taken from the skies by using cyber warfare, they believe that it is more likely that the drone malfunctioned to some degree.

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