Six Killed In Cork Plane Crash

Manx2 Aircraft

Manx2 Aircraft

Six people have died, with another six injured, in a plane crash in Ireland yesterday. The passenger plane was attempting its third landing at the airport when it crashed and burst into flames in fog at Cork Airport, Ireland.

Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has revealed that he had recently changed plans to travel on the Manx2 commuter flight.

The 19-seat aircraft, which was traveling from Belfast, was carrying 10 passengers and two crew when it crashed on the runway at 10am yesterday morning.

Residents close to the airport reported that they could hear a plane overhead that sounded “like it was in trouble”.

Aviation experts have suggested that the flight crew may have made a mistake in persisting their attempts to land in the poor visibility fog.

Jurgen Whyte, senior inspector with the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU), said the plane had crashed, inverted and caught fire about 1,000ft down the runway.

Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson said: “This is I think testimony to the unquestionable uncertainty of life. Families that start out either to do a day’s business or to enjoy some pleasure have been thrust into circumstances that they could not have imagined.”

The Health Service Executive said four of the six injured were in a serious condition, whilst the other two injured were described as comfortable.

A spokesman for Cork University Hospital has confirmed that the injured people were suffering from various injuries including fractured and broken bones as well as a punctured lung but none are in a seriously critical condition.

In a statement, Manx2 said: “The aircraft left Belfast City Airport at 07:50 GMT this morning and was due to land in Cork at 09:00am. Due to weather conditions at Cork Airport the aircraft tried to land twice, and the incident took place on its third approach.

“We are working with all relevant authorities to establish what happened. We would like to express our sincere sympathies to the families of those who lost their lives in this tragic accident.”

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