Shark Attack: Surfer Escapes With His Life

Shark in Australian waters

Shark in Australian waters

Stephen King, not the literally genius, has been very lucky to escape from a shark attack. The surfer was enjoying himself off the coast of New South Wales when the shark luckily bit a chunk out of his board and not him, shark attacks in the southern hemisphere happen all too frequently as people share the water with one of the most ferocious killers on the planet.

Shark based horror movies

Ironically the event could have been taken from anyone of the current shark based horror movies, and the surfers name harks back to memories of the ‘Shining’ and even ‘It’ only this time the surfer managed to survive the attack.

King was surfing at Angourie, along the north coast of New South Wales when he was caught by surprise, being hunted by a creature that has all the advantages in the water. In a dramatic scene, the surfer was attacked whilst he was taking off and jumping up, a bang from the side and he was sent spinning whilst the shark was thrashing next to him.

The 51-year-old was not seriously hurt receiving minor injuries at best, for this he was given a tetanus shot. He had referred to himself as lucky, and no one can argue otherwise since the attack was all about timing and he managed to elude the jaws of the powerful beast just as it crunched down on his board.

Australia’s Department of Primary Industries revealed that the attacks were much more frequent during the start of summer, but every year they are required to warn people visiting the beach to pay attention to what is around them.

“This is the time of year that a lot of potentially dangerous sharks are in our coastal waters. We’ve got to be realistic. This is their territory and we’re just the visitors” said Vic Peddermors.

Second attack of the summer

This is already the second attack of the summer and the second attack this week, the first being suffered by Sydney teenager Ronald Mason. He was also lucky to have suffered minor injuries again falling victim to a shark.

Just like Stephen King he was attacked while surfing off Marouba Beach, in east Sydney. Surfing being a popular sport in the southern hemisphere were the weather and conditions allow people to partake in it means that as sharks move through the sea looking to eat and mate these suffers can be confused for fishes due to the shapes of the board an how surfers paddle out into the sea.

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