Segway banned from our streets



The Segway, a two wheeled device, has been banned from the streets of the UK by a recent magistrates ruling.

The device, famously used by George Bush, has two wheels and works by the rider leaning backwards and forward to speed up or slow down.

The designer of the Segway died recently after riding one off a cliff in his companies complex.

The case came about after Philip Coates from Barnsley was taken to court for riding one on the paths around his home town.

The test case concluded with Coates being fined £75 and asked to pay £265 in costs. The case revolved around whether the Segway was deemed to be a mechanically propelled vehicle intended for or adapted for use on the roads.

Coates is said to be considering challenging the verdict. Security firms in shopping centres up and down the country use the devices to move around the shops quickly and gives them a slightly elevated view.

Have you used a Segway or nearly been hit by one? Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. January 20, 2011 at 10:23 am Dan Frost Commented:

    I consider this action by government to be a very negative aproach to technological advance. I’ve ridden a Segway and they are a device which once mastered are easy to control. The segway and other devices which are prohibited under the Highways act are leading the way in battling climate change. Looks like Mr Coates will probably have to scrap his electronical and environmentally friendly vehicle in favour of a car to clog up the roads.

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