Scottish Provident widens critical illness definition

Scottish Provident has Added Five New Definitions to its CI List

Scottish Provident has Added Five New Definitions to its CI List

In order to provide wider cancer treatment cover, Scottish Provident has made extensive changes to its critical illness definitions.

The changes came into effect from May 23 and the new critical illness definition will now cover an early form of breast cancer called Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) and low grade prostate cancer.

The new definition will now cover the more common treatment for DCIS – a lumpectomy while most service providers only cover mastectomy, said Susan Barclay, head of marketing at Scottish Provident.

Scottish Provident has added five new definitions to its list of critical illnesses out of which two are completely new additions, not covered by any service provider.

The five new additions are:

  • Pneumonectomy – Removal of a complete lung (new launch in critical illness market)
  • Intensive Care – Requiring artificial ventilation for 10 successive days (new launch in CI market)
  • Multiple system atrophy – Resulting in permanent syndrome
  • Encephalitis  – Resulting in permanent symptom
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus – with severe complications

“We recognise the importance of providing the best definitions combined with a wider breadth of cover, ultimately leading to paying more claims to our customers when they need it”, said Ms Barclay.

“We are committed to putting Scottish Provident at the forefront of the protection market by continually pushing the boundaries.

“The changes we have announced today mean that customers receive an even better deal, reinforcing their financial safety net and providing them with peace of mind should they become critically ill.

“This is all part of our commitment to offering the most comprehensive range of critical illness products at cost effective pricing”, she concluded.

Bright Grey – the sister company of Scottish Provident will also add the two new definitions to its policies. This takes the total number of definitions to 43 for Bright Grey.

The two additional definitions will pay 20 percent of the sum assured, over and above the actual sum assured.

“With the treatment of illnesses such as cancer, stroke and heart disease constantly improving and with more people surviving conditions they would have died from 20 years ago, it is crucial that our critical illness cover keeps pace with these advances”, said Ian Grey, head of product development at Bright Grey.

“Introducing two definitions that will provide additional cover for people suffering from early forms of cancer is a big step forward in terms of offering IFAs even greater choice for their clients”, he added.

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