Scottish Provident launches ‘Premier Service’ for key clients

Scottish Provident Announced Premier Service for Key Clients Today

Scottish Provident Announced Premier Service for Key Clients Today

In order to provide enhanced support to key clients, insurance giant Scottish Provident today launched ‘Premier Service’ and said it was meant for large clients that provides the company with majority of business.

The new service will benefit both the key clients and IFAs as the latter will receive dedicated support from technical specialists who will offer both expertise and training at an early stage. Potential large clients will also be given access to underwriters at pre-submission stages to identify outcomes based on available medical and financial information and to ensure best possible solutions at the initial stage.

The company will also give IFAs access to the Premier Service through the IFA Webcentre that allows advisers to quote and apply for self-assurance plans along with an automated underwriting service with the facility of saving and recalling quotes. A dedicated team of partnership consultants will support large cases, the firm announced.

Once a potential client expresses interest, the medical examinations partner of Scottish Provident will give a welcome call to arrange for a medical appointment and answer client queries. Flexible medical appointments will be provided for required medical examinations. A separate claims helpline number will also be provided and customers will be explained the claims process to build trust.

“We are pleased to announce this strengthening of our service as part of the ongoing development of our protection offering”, said Gordon Watson, operations director at Scottish Provident.

“Our Premier Service offers IFAs and their clients an enhanced service that is underpinned with our professionalism and expertise. This includes a more proactive and responsive service, updating and interacting with IFAs throughout the application process, and inevitably enhancing their relationship with their client, he added.

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