Santa School: Brazil Training School For Wannabe Santa’s

Lessons to become the perfect Christmas icon

Lessons to become the perfect Christmas icon

A school in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is training men in the spirit of Christmas cheer, as they attempt to learn the attributes that will make them the best Santa Clauses’ they will be. It seems that the south American country’s intense summer hasn’t put these men off from preparing for the festive time of year, there have been plenty of takers for the course.

Santa Course

The ‘Santa Course’ is attempting to teach these older men the ways of Father Christmas, a prerequisite to the course is a white beard and a large enough stomach that would make these men the spitting image of the great man children all over the world have associated with this time of year.

The group of red-suited recruits are the latest graduates from the city’s local Santa School, which has been the brainchild of an actor. It started back in 1993, and since then it has graduated at least 400 Santas with more enrolling with each passing year.

The course lasts for one month in which they have to learn to walk properly, talk and sing exactly like Santa Claus should. These men have put the work into fulfilling the role by stopping shaving many months in advance, there is no room for a fake beard here, this has meant that the majority have long, white beards.

During the four-week course they are also taught to learn many Christmas songs, some of which even include the Portuguese translations of well known English language festive songs such as Jingle Bells.

There are some very inventive and entrepreneurial endeavours occurring at this time of year all in the attempt to get people straight into the Christmas mood, and there may be no better attraction then a qualified Santa who offers trained skills and expertise in the portraying the image many have of him.

In America a gun club has its own resident Santa, allowing members to take pictures with surrounded by some of the most powerful guns in the world.


While much of this time of year plays on people’s emotions businesses in the retail sector have been ready with their push to get people spending on items they may need but those items many people do not.

The best retailers give consumers the impression that they need what is being offered even if they do not, and while a small minority enjoy Christmas for religious reasons, there is a vast majority who have been taken by the consumer element.

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