Ryanair to Offer Controversial Vertical Seats

Ryanair to offer both traditional and vertical seats on their flights.

Ryanair to offer both traditional and vertical seats on their flights.

In order to lower costs and offer a more competitive ticket on their airline, Ryanair has announced it will be offering vertical seats on its flights.  The tickets are expected to be so attractive to someone wanting to save money and fly that they would stand for the entire trip.

Michael O’Leary, Chief Executive of the airline, plans to fund the renovations to install the vertical seats by charging customers to use the bathroom during flights.  Many believe that the charge for in-flight use of the bathroom and the vertical seats is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Ryanair seems to be serious though as they have already have supposedly contacted Boeing about fitting the vertical seats in the rear of all of the company’s 250 owned planes.

The seats will be upright and allow the passenger to lean against the seat and be seat belted to them.  Safety testing is due to begin in 2011.  The vertical seats are expected to be lighter than traditional seats and will save fuel for the airline.

The Ryanair planes are to have 15 rows of traditional seats and 10 rows of standing seats.

The Civil Aviation Authority officials have expressed concerns over the vertical seats passing safety regulations and doubt that the vertical seats will ever get the nod to be used by Ryanair.

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