RyanAir hit by bad weather



RyanAir reported a quarter four loss of £8.8million after bad weather and various strikes forced it to cancel over 3,000 flights in the three month period.

The previous year’s final quarter had seen an even larger loss however, so it wasn’t all doom and gloom at the airline.

The cancellations were offset by a 20% increase in in-flight sales, on drinks, foods etc and a 15% increase in fares.

Passenger numbers were also up 6% on the previous year.

Michael O’Leary, RyanAir’s chief executive said, “This small third-quarter loss of 10 million euros is disappointing, as we were on track to break even, but earnings were hit by a series of air traffic control strikes in the third quarter, compounded by a spate of bad weather airport closures in December,”

The previous year had only bought 1,400 cancellations, so the 3,300 for the month was extremely high. The airline still expects to post year end net profits of between 380-400million Euros.

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