Royal Wedding Day celebrations begin

street party

street party

Today, people all over Britain and the world will be watching Kate Middleton and Prince William say “I Do” amongst the glamour, pomp and circumstance surrounding such a regal event. It isn’t very often Royal occasions like this arise, and millions of people are gearing up for the big day marking the event with their own celebrations.

Union Flags are being bought by the billions throughout all of England causing many shops to sell out in advance of the big day. Thousands of Royal fans have been pitching tents and spreading blankets all across the Mall at good vantage points in readiness for the procession. For those not intending to be in London today, over 5500 street party applications have been submitted for local communities to have their own parties.

And it isn’t just the Brits who are celebrating. Experts predict double the normal tourists to visit London to
partake in the fanfare. Tina Owen, from Melbourne, Australia, flew 30 hours to get to the event, saying “It’s like a mini-UN. We’re from all over the world, but we’ve become a community already. Your city has got a really, really big soul.”

For those who cannot make it to England, millions of people around the globe are setting their watches to ensure they are tuning in to their tellies when Kate and William exchange their vows.

So far, the country’s biggest street party was celebrated in Gravesend, Kent, where more than 600 schoolchildren tucked into a vast open-air feast. Leigh Hovey, head teacher of Wrotham Road Primary School, said: “To see our future King marry is a significant event and I want the children to be able to say in 20, 30 or 40 years what they were doing when that happened.”

Camp Royale on Clapham Common, South West London, will be hosting free parties today and Saturday for up to 5,000 people. A big screen will show the wedding, and food and drink will be on offer, including a “Windsor Knot” real ale brewed for the wedding.

Even Downing Street is getting in on the fun, with their party featuring a brass band and a bicycle-mounted ice cream stall.

What are you planning to do today? Are you sleeping on the streets of London hoping for a glimpse of the bride? Are you having friends over for a party?

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