Royal Navy: A Tribute To Christmas Tribute To Mariah Carey

HMS Ocean

HMS Ocean

Mariah Carey must have got a shock to hear that the crew of the HMS Ocean performed her classic hit ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ as they headed back home to be with their loved ones. The Royal Navy sailors have become a YouTube smash after they created their own version of the diva’s hit single while on their way back to celebrate Christmas with their families.

Keep their morale up

The HMS Ocean is a helicopter carrier and the largest in the British fleet, and the crew used the time travelling back to keep their morale up by recording their own take on the singers Christmas hit. The video which was released on the video-sharing website has already had more than one million viewers.

On seeing the video Mariah Carey even came out and gave the crew her support by posting a message on Twitter which read: “This is the best thing I’ve seen, you guys just made my day! Happy Christmas!!! xOxO to the troops.”

The HMS Ocean and its crew arrived back at their Devonport Naval Base after being away for seven-and-a-half-months, they had been sent to the Middle-east where they launched airborne attacks which helped to end Gaddafi’s regime in Libya. Therefore the mood must have been buoyant, giving them the energy and motivation to record something that would cap their entire trip.

Lieutenant Kelly Cleeve was the officer credited for making the video, he could not have known what an impact it would have made online. In fact the Lieutenant revealed that the majority  of the crew were not aware of what a sensation they had become on the internet.

However, despite not knowing how much of a craze they generated the crew did tell her that they would be more than ready to appear on the X Factor final.


On returning they were welcomed by around 1,000 people at Plymouth, they had been originally sent to the Mediterranean during April when they took part in amphibious warfare exercises she was then sent to Libya at the start of May when the crisis in the country started to get worse.

While the crew where away fifteen children were born to wives and partners of the crew onboard on the HMS Ocean since they left the United Kingdom almost 225 days ago. The ship itself has travelled more than 40,000 miles, on return the crewmen held up a banner which said ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ to their waiting family.

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