Royal Mail take on 3,000 extra staff to beat the bad weather

Post Office workers battle through snow

Post Office workers battle through snow

Royal Mail have put aside an extra £20 million to hire temporary staff, in an attempt to get deliveries through the bad weather. The £20 million will help add an extra 3,000 staff to the workforce.

Royal Mail has already taken on 20,000 temporary staff to help with all the extra work at Christmas, but the weather has affected deliveries and left the service unable to carry out their normal operations.

The extra money will be spent bringing in 500 extra HGV drivers and another 250 lorries as Royal Mail aim to keep their delivery fleet moving this Christmas.

With forecasters suggesting we are very likely to see a white Christmas, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have already suspended all deliveries in Scotland, and the disruption caused by a new cold front due to hit the country on Thursday could add to these woes.

Many supermarkets and delivery companies are reporting backlogs of up to two weeks making it impossible to take new orders for Christmas delivery.

Royal Mail expects to deliver 750 million Christmas cards this year, as well as the added business due to the popularity of online shopping. Today is expected to be their busiest day with 130 million cards expected to be delivered.

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