Rip-off credit card charges investigated by Office of Fair Trading

Credit card charges investigated

Credit card charges investigated

Credit card surcharges are finally being investigated according to the Bill Henderson, Chairman of the Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

Mr Henderson said there was a lot of public concern, even though the airlines serving the island are all compliant with current regulations.

The Isle of Man OFT has informed regulatory body, the Civil Aviation authority, about the complaints.

Mr Henderson said: “We are doing what we can, given our legal remit.”

He added: “I personally don’t like the extra charges passengers have to suffer and I hope the airlines take on board there is widespread public concern with these issues”.

It is not only air travel that incurs you a substantial credit card fine but even the cinema which, when booking online, incurs a 60p booking fee.

When booking with so-called low-cost airlines, you can expect around a £10 fine per person added on to your flight, so a family of five will have the pleasure of an added £50 to their holiday costs before they’ve had a chance to buy a £3 bag of peanuts on the plane.

Let’s hope other regulators follow in Mr Henderson’s footsteps and start getting rid of the rip-off charges buyers have to endure for spending their hard earned cash.

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