Revolutionary Car Insurance driver behaviour scheme launched in Ireland

new car insurance scheme

new car insurance scheme

A revolutionary new scheme which monitors the way a person drives, and then charges them car insurance prices accordingly has been launched in Northern Ireland.

The scheme, which is just at the pilot stage involves fitting a small clack box to the customers car, which monitors driving styles.

With car insurance companies soon to be banned from considering gender when pricing car insurance, they must come up with innovative new ways to allow drivers to keep their premiums down, whilst ensuring they are charging the lowest prices to the lowest risk drivers.

With insurance companies unlikely to bring the price of male insurance down, it is female insurance that will have to go up, and Autoline Insurance believe their new device could be just the ticket for female drivers who want to avoid rising costs.

Sales Director, Caroline Currie said, “This is an entirely voluntary type of insurance package which could have huge repercussions for the insurance industry.

“With this scheme, drivers will no longer have to endure the current broad brush approach to insurance rating, as premiums will be based on individual driving skills.”

Autoline revealed that their data recorder was able to recognize the driving habits of drivers by recording speed and exact location of the vehicle as it travels.

A similar scheme has been run successfully in the US for a number of years, and has also been tested around Europe.

Autoline hope to convince local government departments of the impact their scheme could have for drivers, and is negotiating with several major insurers with the view to launching a full scheme later in the year.

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