Research reveals Britons would be comfortable using their phones for purchases.

Smartphones to offer contactless payment

Smartphones to offer contactless payment

New research has revealed that Britons will take to the new smart phone technology without any problems as it revealed they would be comfortable using their mobile phones as credit cards to purchase goods in shops.

Research from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) showed that the number of consumers using their mobile phones for retail searches increased by 181% in the first quarter of 2011, compared with the same time the year before.

With people using their phones more to buy things, they will also be more likely to use them as credit cards as they start to trust the safety of the technology, although how the PlayStation hacking scandal will affect these figures waits to be seen.

To put the number of searches in perspective, mobile phone searches accounted for 11% of all retail searches during that period.

The research also found that companies who sold items in store and online saw searches increase by 42% as customers searched while shopping, while online only stores saw a 19% increase.

Director General of the BRC, Stephen Robertson said, “Online is the fastest growing part of retailing. We need to better understand that development and what’s driving it.

“Despite any short-term effects from weakening consumer confidence, what stands out here is the fundamental strength of the growth of online retailing.”

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