Rembrandt portrait offered for $47million



One of the last Rembrandt portraits still in private hands will be offered for sale at the TEFAF Maastricht art fair later this year.

The Dutch artists “Portrait of a Man With Arms Akimbo” was only recently sold at auction, fetching a whopping £20.2million. ($33million)

Whilst no one knows who the buyer was, it is believed that casino owner Stephen Wynn bought the artwork, although the New York Times also reported that Manhattan dealer Otto Naumann was interested.

The art fair, which runs from March 18-27th, will see the painting for sale for $47million (£29million) and could see a the previous owner turn a huge profit.

The painting has been, “transformed by cleaning and can now be seen in its full glory.”

Art market values soared in 2010, when several records were broken, and could explain the hefty price tag.

The painting was created in 1658 and was painted during a struggling period of the artists career. Also on show at the exhibition will be more than 30,000 other pieces of art from over 250 different exhibitors.

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