‘Record’ Christmas Sales for Supermarket Chain Sainsbury’s



Sainsbury’s has reported its “best ever” Christmas sales despite what it called the “challenging weather conditions”.

Sainsbury’s have announced its ‘best ever’ Christmas sales figures despite the ‘challenging weather conditions’

In the 14 weeks to 8 January from a year earlier the chain has seen a 3.6% rise.

The third largest supermarket chain in the UK Sainsbury’s have said they have seen a significant growth in the non-food sales.

The group created near to 6,000 jobs over the Christmas period.

Earlier this week, the group also announced that over the next three years they aimed to create 20,000 jobs in new and existing stores.

Justin King chief executive  of the group said: “Our strategy of providing universal customer appeal through great food at fair prices has helped Sainsbury’s to deliver its best-ever Christmas,” He added that Sainsbury’s had increased its market share slightly to 16.6%.

The group have also announced that the peak period of transactions, reaching 24.5 million, was during the week of Christmas, hitting an ‘all time high’

It also reported “record” online orders for groceries and said it had seen “strong growth” in sales of home and electrical wares.

It is also reported that the chain hit a new ‘record’ of online orders for groceries with a significant growth in their home and electrical wares departments.

Sales of lingerie and clothing accessories jumped by 45%, it added.

“Additional promotion of its higher margin products, along with the weather conditions tempting shoppers to buy more in fewer trips, played into the company’s hands such that its performance could yet prove to be the best of the big four [supermarkets],” said Richard Hunter at broker Hargreaves Lansdown.

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