Recent survey suggests one in five workers fears losing job

One in Five Employees Worry About Job in the UK

One in Five Employees Worry About Job in the UK

A recent survey has suggested that one in every five UK workers fears for their jobs. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that in public sector the rate is still higher and one in three employees are fearful of their jobs.

CIPD has called upon managers to demonstrate leadership skills to boost employee morale and ensure greater engagement of workers.

The survey found that more than half of the employers have either frozen or cut employees pay.

The survey also highlighted people’s perception about falling living standards. Almost a third of 2,000 employees surveyed said their standard of living has fallen over the last six months “as inflation continues to erode the real value of wages”. This compares to only 10 percent who said that their living standards had actually improved.

CIPD’s Ben Willmott warned of human resource mismanagement by saying “If organisations don’t invest in developing high-performing managers, they may find better managed competitors racing past on the road to recovery”.

“Employers need to find cost-effective ways of equipping their line managers with the people management skills to support employee engagement and wellbeing”, he emphasized.

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