Rear end bumps push car insurance up



Car insurance giant Admiral have revealed that rear end bumps have risen by 9%, causing a knock on effect which is increasing car insurance premiums for everyone.


Admiral, who provide car insurance in the UK, strongly believe there are two separate reasons for the increase in read end accidents. The first reason is the cash for crash fraud which has increased substantially in the last few years. Drivers are deliberately slamming on their brakes in front of other motorists, causing them to run into them.


The second is the increase in rear end bumps in the UKs ever increasing traffic congestion, with cars sitting close to each other in queues.


The firm also believe that an increase in speeding, and tailgating were adding to the number of crashes from behind.


Admiral estimated that the cost of personal injury claims for whiplash injuries as a result of a bump from behind was £1.9billion, and fraud in all was costing the industry £3billion a year, massively increasing everyone’s premiums as the insurance companies pass on the costs to us.


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