Racist: Tram Passenger Shouts Racist Abuse

Racist Women On Tram

Racist Women On Tram

A women who was on a packed tram and complaining about ethnic minorities residing in the United Kingdom was filmed by the passenger directly in front of her while on a London tramlink route and posted online, this led to a full police investigation.

The footage which was posted on the YouTube on Sunday had already been viewed more than 124,000 within the first 24 hours of being up, caution is advised before watching as the clip does contain explicit comments which could offend.


The clip shows the women with a small child on her lap having an amplified attack at her fellow passengers. The lady was not deterred by the person filming her as she quite obviously saw red and felt the need to express her feelings in a public domain.

The incident took place on the tramlink going from Croydon to Wimbledon, with both having a diverse population which made the outburst even more shocking as the lady was not fearful of the reaction that could have been forced out of the many of the passengers.

The British Transport police have already revealed that the women, 34-years-old, had been arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence. In the clip it can be clearly seen that the passenger behind the lady stands up with the intent of getting to the lady but it takes other train passengers to stop him and allow the women to shame herself on video.

Train passengers can be heard challenging the lady but she does not back down and continues her tirade towards the minorities in the tram. The footage ignited a Twitter trend with the hashtag #MyTramExperience yesterday, with much of what she says unrepeatable.

One passenger does ask the lady to watch what she was saying as there was other small children on the train but she was not having any of it making comments such as: “Sort out your own countries. Don’t come and do mine. Britain is nothing now.”


Many complaints were made against the women and her choice of language and racist comments, but the entire wave of abuse lasted for more than two minutes. This has prompted the police to launch an investigation after the video was brought to their attention on YouTube and Twitter.

The problem police are having is that they are not sure where exactly the video was taken and therefore they are hoping that any witnesses to the incident will step forward and assist with the investigation.

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