Property market falls victim to new online crime map



Recent statistics revealing the crime rates of areas in England and Wales is thought to have a detrimental effect on the property market.

The figures can be viewed on the new website, which displays crime statistics including robberies, burglaries and violent crime at street level.

Property analyst Nigel Lewis said “One the face of it, online crime maps are a brilliant idea akin to the neighbourhood watch schemes launched furing the 1980s, but they are also dangerous for the housing market.

“In the same way school catchment areas have skewed property markets around the UK and created 20% uplifts around good schools, so these maps could drive down prices in crime-stricken streets and postcodes.”

It has been proven that a reduction in recorded crime of 10% adds around 1.7% of the selling price, as demonstrated by Dr Steve Gibbons of the LSE.

The new website allows the public to see a breakdown of crime in their area; viewers can enter their postcode and get instant access to street-level crime maps and date, as well as details of local policing teams and meetings.

Lindsay Cuthill from estate agency group Savills said the website will draw in most buyers because it is so new and exciting. He said “But ihope as a housing agent that people will apply some measure of common sense to their buying decision.

“Crime is very low down the list of priorities – I’ve never had a client ask about crime and security ahead of how many bedrooms a property has.”

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