Princess Beatrice’s Hat sells for over £80,000 on ebay

Princess Beatrice and her infamous hat

Princess Beatrice and her infamous hat

Ever since Princess Beatrice emerged from the chauffeur driven car at her cousin’s royal wedding last month, people around the world haven’t stopped talking about her iconic hat.

In fact, the hat has received more publicity post royal wedding than the bride and groom, Price William and Princess Catherine. Since the 29 April wedding, the hat has garnered attention all over the internet with thousands posting altered images of Princess Beatrice’s hat, morphing it into antlers, pretzels, and even a toilet seat.

With all the popularity surrounding the hat, the princess decided to put it up for auction via ebay. She established The Little Bee Initiative for the purpose of the auction and will donate all proceeds to UNICEF UK and Children in Crisis.

At time of auction closing, the hat that was predicted to earn £30,000 instead reached a record breaking price of £81,101 ($131,650).

In reaction to the incredible amount raised, Princess Beatrice said,” I’ve been amazed by the amount of attention the hat has attracted It’s a wonderful opportunity to raise as much money as possible for two fantastic charities. I hope the winner of the auction has as much fun with the hat as I have”.

The unique design of the hat is credited to top milliner Philip Treacy. He too is surprised by the overwhelming response to the hat, commenting that he is “delighted and flattered and touched by HRH Princess Beatrice’s decision to donate the hat to charity. I hope that people all over the world will be generous and that this hat will benefit many.”

Indeed UNICEF UK is also delighted to be receiving half of the proceeds. “We are absolutely delighted that the hat has sold for so much money,” said Julie Weston, director of fundraising at UNICEF UK. “A huge heartfelt thank you to Princess Beatrice for her support.”

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