Prince Harry smitten with Kate’s younger sister?

Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry on the balcony

Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry on the balcony

Well, the cameras don’t lie. While on the Buckingham Palace balcony after the wedding, cameras caught Prince Harry flirting with Pippa, Kate’s younger sister, wooing her with “You do look very beautiful today — seriously.”

The best man was obviously dazzled by Pippa, vocalising what many of the millions watching the wedding were thinking themselves – that Pippa really stole the show on the day in that gorgeous ivory satin-based crepe dress which really showcased her incredible figure.

It is no doubt Prince Harry tried his luck. Unfortunately for him, Pippa is spoken for. Although she and William’s brother most certainly looked the perfect couple standing side-by-side on the balcony, somewhere Pippa’s boyfriend Alex Loudon was most certainly watching Harry’s every move.

No doubt Loudon must have been feeling the pressure, especially with tweets from England cricket captain Michael Vaughan jokingly writing “Make a move this afternoon, Harry.”

As an ex-England cricketer, Loudin most certainly wouldn’t have appreciated Vaughan’s jest.

But, a pal commented that “Alex has no reason to fear Harry would turn Pippa’s head. Harry may be royal, but Alex is upper-crust, rich and good looking. He’s exactly Pippa’s type and I don’t think even a Prince would be much competition.”

Alexander Guy Rushworth Loudon, 30, is top-notch as suitors go. He is an old Eton pal of William; his father is the former High Sheriff of Kent, he attended Durham University before playing cricket for Warwickshire and did have a promising future as an international cricket player before following his father and brother into a finance career.

He and Pippa have been dating the for a year and the couple are seriously in love.

Not sure if Harry’s royal connections can woo Pippa his direction. One can never know what is destined to be for the future, but I’m sure many people are hoping for another royal wedding – and how serendipitous it would be for both Middleton girls to marry into the royal family?

Do you think Pippa should give Harry a chance?

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