Prince Charles hits out at climate changes doubters

Prince Charles has appealed to climate change naysayers

Prince Charles has appealed to climate change naysayers

His Royal Highness Prince Charles has criticised those who do not believe in climate change, saying they are playing a game of “environmental roulette”

The eco- friendly Prince delivered his speech at a “low-carbon” summit hosted by the European Parliament, which has calling on the European Union to reduce its CO2 output by 30 percent in 8 years.

Charles said that those who doubt the existence of climate change were having a “corrosive effect” on society, and making it harder demonstrate that there is scientific evidence showing “beyond any reasonable doubt” that human industrial activity has exacerbated global warming.

“I would ask how these people are going to face their grandchildren and admit to them that they actually failed their future,” the Prince said.

“I wonder, will such people be held accountable at the end of the day for the absolute refusal to countenance a precautionary approach, for this plays I would suggest a most reckless game of roulette with the future inheritance of those who come after us?”

Prince Charles praised the current efforts of the EU to reduce its CO2, but said more is needed “I know that many in the EU aspire to agree a target of reducing greenhouse gasses by 30 percent, and I can only applaud their efforts,”

Most of the members of the EU have refused to sign the agreement to reduce their greenhouse gases by 30 percent, because the world’s top polluters have not yet done anything similar.

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