Pressure’s on: when are Kate and Wills gonna make some babies?

Princess Diana and baby William

Princess Diana and baby William

Now that the wedding has been done and dusted, the news-hungry media hasn’t given them a break, speculating about time-frames for the next big milestone in the Duke and Duchess’ life – when are they going to start a family?

After all, Princess Diana popped William out at a young 21, just a year after marrying Prince Charles.

Historically, most royal women haven’t wasted time getting in “the family way”, with the Queen giving birth to her son Charles at 22, and Princess Anne having Peter Phillips at 27.

With Catherine already a ripe “old” age of 29, already two years older than her mother was when she had Kate, the pressure is on to procreate.

Over the past few months, amid rumours about Kate’s future role and the responsibilities she will hold as a member of the royal family, it has been revealed that she will stop working at her family business after the wedding. However, show won’t be taking up full-time royal duties either. This news presents some mystery over exactly what she will be doing and this has led many to believe that the post-wedding “down-time” is really time specifically designed for her to focus primarily on getting pregnant.

When asked about baby making intentions, the spokesperson for the royal family neither denied or confirmed the couples’ plans. Rather, St James’s Palace has confirmed that Kate will initially attend official events only on the arm of her new husband on a case-by-case basis.

However, back when they announced their engagement announcement, Kate did say “I hope we will be able to have a happy family ourselves.” William did step in and followed up her comment by stating “I think we’ll take it one step at a time. We’ll sort of get over the marriage first and then maybe look at kids. But obviously we want a family so we’ll have to start thinking about that.”

Perhaps the Seychelles honeymoon is going to be the perfect time to relax and start trying – we can only wait and see.

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