Portsmouth owed money by other clubs



Portsmouth owner Balu Chainria has revealed that his struggling club are owed money from a number of other clubs who have failed to pay on time.

Pompey, who went into administration at the end of last season have been struggling to pay their own debts, and at times have had to live on a week by week basis.

Owner Chainrai has revealed that other clubs are however failing to pay Pompey on time, with Genoa believed to be five weeks late with a £1million instalment for Kevin Prince Boateng.

“We are in dispute with a few foreign clubs and a couple of English clubs, who are more powerful than us.” Chainrai told Sky Sports News.

“It’s under control by our management and they are trying their best to deal with it.

“It’s outstanding football debts and payment disputes. If you went into detail of these disputes, you would feel sorry for Portsmouth.http://static.lingospot.com/spot/image/spacer.gif

Chenrai has taken control of Portsmouth and is trying to turn the club round before finding new buyers.

He added: “We have to pay up, when we owe money to clubs, there’s no question about it.

“We’re threatened and we’re held at ransom but when we have to collect money from similar clubs, we never get the money. There’s always a loophole against us being paid.

“We’ve had to put money into the club to stabilise it and pay for running costs at the club. We’ve had to use funds to pay old debts. This was a commitment we made to the Football League, which we have honoured.”

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