Police Use Tear Gas as Bahrain Violence Continues

Bahrain demonstrations continue

Bahrain demonstrations continue

Police have fired tear gas at protestors in Manama to take control of the main square in the Capital, where anti-government demonstrations have being taken place.

Protestors in Bahrain attempted to return to their site of demonstration following the withdrawal of the Bahrainian army.

However, officers then proceeded to once again attack protesters to prevent them from returning to the site.

The incident occurred shortly after the request by Bahrain’s crown prince for troops to evacuate the streets.

In an attempt to keep protestors from returning to the site, police had blocked off all roads leading to the Pearl Square roundabout.

However, an increasing crown gathered near the scene, sporting Egyptian flags, and Banners reading; “Down with the king”.

The police used barbed wire to make sure protestors could not get through, who seemed unfazed and celebrated as if they had achieved victory.

The police were located on the other side of the barbed wire, observing cautiously and ready for action.

The protesting by the Shia Majority in Bahrain has seen five people killed as a result of clashes between demonstrators and the police.

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