Pies and Pasties Through Good Times and Bad Remain a UK Favorite

Pies and Pasties are flying out of shops at a rate of 1 billion pounds per year.

Pies and Pasties are flying out of shops at a rate of 1 billion pounds per year.

Brits searching for anything to ease the pain of the recession indulged their palettes last year as sales of pies and pasties reached nearly 1 billion pounds.  Well, almost anyway with a grand total being 941 million pounds.  This was a 5 per cent increase over 2008 and the market research firm, Mintel expects more to be sold this year, with sales coming in around 962 million pounds.  By the time 2012 arrives, sales are expected to climb well over 1 billion pounds.  This isn’t too shabby for a little pick me up.

The Midlands are especially fond of the snacks, with up to 9 out of every 10 people consuming one within the last year.  Beef is the flavor of choice there, while sausage rolls hit the spot for people in the South East and East Anglia.

Living up to the tradition of its origin, South West residents are among the biggest fans as over 50 per cent of those living there as well as Wales have enjoyed one over the past 12 months.

Vivianne Ihekweazu, of Mintel commented on the benefits of the pasties and pies, saying: “Consumers returned to the familiar as the economic downturn put a dent in their disposable income, forcing them to reconsider their spending priorities.

“Today, more and more Brits are continuing to buy pies and pasties as they rediscover their benefits, and they are proving particularly appealing to those on a limited budget.

“While pies were often previously seen as being old fashioned, they have benefited from being repositioned as a popular gastro pub meal staple.”

Pies and pasties continue to rise in popularity as more and more shops open in the capital city.

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