Pfizer Set To Close UK Research Site



Pharmaceuticals giant, Pfizer, has announced it has plans to close its research and development facility in Kent. The Kent site employs 2,400 people.

Pfizer said the majority of staff would be made redundant over the next two years. They also stated that they hope to transfer a few hundred employees to other sites or other companies doing work for Pfizer.

The move has raised concerns that the UK is losing highly skilled jobs because of the governments idea that the private sector will compensate for the brutal cuts.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said the firm’s decision was not about the UK as a location for pharmaceutical research.

Cable also deemed the decision as “extremely disappointing”.

He then added: “The company has been clear that this decision was part of its global programme of change and not based on a judgement of the UK as a location for pharmaceutical research.”

Finally, Cable said he would be meeting Pfizer “as a matter of urgency to discuss innovative ideas for continuing R&D activities in this very well equipped facility.”

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