Pearl Harbour: 70th Anniversary Of Attacks

Ships burning after Japanese attacks

Ships burning after Japanese attacks

The 7th of December marks the 70th anniversary of the bombing of American naval base in Hawaii at the hands of Japanese aircraft. It was in 1941 when the assault on Pearl Harbour took place and it sent America into the Second World War. In total 2,390 Americans died due to the attack, 12 ships were destroyed and consequently sunk or were beached and the US lost 164 aircraft.

Biggest failures

The Japanese who launched the onslaught lost 64 people, had 5 of their ships sunk and 29 planes were destroyed. 70 years on for some the memories still remain a fresh part of their memory, for others it is a day to remember loved ones who fought for the last time for their nation.

The surprise attack that the Americans suffered from came by one of the biggest failures in American history, they were not aware of the events that were going to take place that and were caught cold thereby allowing their Pacific fleet to be caught totally unaware and unprepared. This left a wake of disaster, lost lives and more than a thousand wounded soldiers.

The following day the then American President Franklin D Roosevelt made a declaration of war against the Japanese, and with one clear statement he sent his country into World War II. A remembrance was held in Hawaii, bringing 100 survivors of that painful day together again to attend ceremonies.

There are a total of five ceremonies that will be held for servicemen who survived the attack and who want their remains placed in Pearl Harbour, this is their way of showing how proud they were and the affinity they felt for those that got left behind.

Young men

Many were young when they lost their lives and the ones that survived were also young men, having memories of losing their friends and then having to cope with it for their lives. Seven decades after dozens of sailors died when the USS Utah sank and the aerial bombing  which instigated the second world war, many Americans came together proud of their nation.

It is planned that a larger ceremony will be taking place mid-week to remember everyone who lost their lives, this has been scheduled for before 8am Hawaii time around the same time the attacks took place.

The majority of sailors that had died were entombed on the ship, going down with the ship they worked hard to be on and defend.

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