PC makers hit by Intel chip bug

Intel - Hit by on Chip Bug Controversy

Intel – Hit by on Chip Bug Controversy

Intel’s latest chip bug has forced PC makers like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung to halt manufacturing of their machines.

The bug has identified in a chipset that helps the core processor to communicate with memory and hard drive, among other parts.

Intel said some eight million faulty chipsets – called the Cougar Point, has been distributed till date. HP, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung have stopped selling PCs built around the faulty chipsets.

The manufacturers said customers will get machines replaced, get the Cougar Point chips replaced or ask for refund.

HP has cancelled a launch event scheduled for mid-February for it business laptops built with the Cougar Point.

As Intel rolls out its new batch of processors called Sandy Bridge, the bug’s news will cause the company much embarrassment.

If left unattended, about 5 percent of PCs using the faulty part would fail, said Intel.

Stephen Smith – Vice President and Director of PC Client told Reuters: “It would be a low and continuing failure rate over the life of the systems”.

Around 100,00 chips have been put inside PCs till date although millions have been shipped out.

Intel has announced that it’s working on a replacement that will be available by the end of February and have stopped production of faulty parts.

Manufacturers reported the bug while conducting high-voltage and temperature test.

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