Passenger’s final straw as profiteering rail companies’ increase parking charges

Car Park increases

Car Park increases

Rail companies have been accused of profiteering after increasing parking charges at over twice the rate of inflation.

Passengers, who have already had to put up with increased ticket prices, have complained after hundreds of stations up and down the country have increased the cost of parking for the day.

South Eastern rail have increased prices at over 50 of their stations from £3.00 to £3.50, in an increase of 16%.

Commuters into London from stations like Milton Keynes and Birmingham have to pay over £8 a day to park, and with the rising costs of commuting motoring groups are warning that the train companies will drive people back to the roads.

Jo Abbotts from the RAC said, “If the cost of car parking is preventing them from taking the train, and forcing them to take their cars for the entire journey, then we need to address those issues,” says Jo Abbotts.

A season ticket from Oxford costs over £4000 a year, which coupled with parking costs of £1200 a year makes travelling into the capital prohibitively expensive.

What are your experiences of parking at the station, and the cost of rail travel in general? Comment below.

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