Pakistan Paralyzed by Flooding

Water covers over 20 per cent of the entire country of Pakistan.

Water covers over 20 per cent of the entire country of Pakistan.

The flooding in Pakistan has been described as biblical in proportion.  Some have even referred to it as apocalyptic.  The condition of the Pakistan nation can be described as a land in ruins, with over 20 million of its population affected so far.

Viewing the countryside from above, looks like an ocean in some parts with just little clusters of land popping up out of the water, like islands.  Over 20 per cent of its entire land mass is still covered in water, with no relief in sight.  It is still raining off and on there.

With rivers raging out of control, some at 20 times their normal size, this is a land aching for some relief.

The UN is seeking 500 million dollars for the relief fund.  Although the UN is made up of several nations, the only countries which have taken risk and lent a helping hand have been the US and Britain.

Of the relief that has arrived to Pakistan, very little has reached the final destination within the country.  All rivers have been washed away, so travel to villages with aid of any kind is limited to the air, by helicopter.  Inclement weather has  been hampering the dropping of the aid, as helicopters are unable to drop during rainfall.  The aid which is available so far is stored in warehouses, then dropped to the people from a low flying helicopter.  Unfortunately, the aid is much needed now and fights often break out when the small relief packages are dropped.  

Pakistan relies heavily on agriculture.  Due to the flooding, entire crops have been wiped out in most areas, leaving farms to completely start over.

Although the people in the villages of Pakistan are surrounded by water, there is not a drop available to drink.  Diarrhea is now running rampant and will soon lead to other diseases.  Temperatures have also made it difficult with sweltering temperatures during the day.

With conditions in a desolate state, the country of Pakistan will continue to take it day by day and somehow survive the worst flooding in the country’s history.

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