Outrage as Cadbury cut the size of a Dairy Milk bar

Dairy Milk shrinks

Dairy Milk shrinks

Cadbury, under new ownership after their takeover by Kraft, have announced that they are cutting the size of their Dairy Milk chocolate bars, and blame “economic reasons” for the move.

The firm claim that the move is designed to keep prices the same, and that if they kept bars the same size, prices would have to increase.

The tradional 140g bar of Dairy Milk will now lose two pieces and only weigh 120g, but remain at 99p on the shelves.

It’s not just Dairy Milk bars that will suffer either, as Kraft released a statement saying, “We have taken this decision because of a number of economic factors including ingredient costs.

“By reducing the size of our 140g bar to 120g we have been able to hold the bar at this price although we believe our confectionery still represents a very affordable treat.”

Other bars will also suffer, as Malteasers already have, as they now have less chocolates in a packet.

Radio 1’s news programme, newsbeat asked listeners what they thought of the move. One listener said, “I haven’t noticed the size going down but if I’m paying the same price and it is going smaller it will make me think again.

“Cadbury has been taken over by an American company. You would have thought it would have got larger.

“I love chocolate enough to pay the same amount for it, but I’d rather the price went up and we got more chocolate.”

Have you noticed that your favourite bars are getting smaller, and will you carry on buying them if they keep shrinking? Would you rather pay more to have the same size bar? Let us know your thoughts below.

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