Outlaw Councillor



Conservative councillor had a secret double life as a biker gang member.

Jim Mason has been a respectable member of Tewkesbury Borough Council since 1999, he even held the office of mayor. Allegations of his gang involvement have shocked the area.

The Conservative Party declined to comment on photographs have been leaked showing the 61 year old former mayor posing with members of the Worcestershire chapter of the notorious Outlaws Motorcycle Club in 2009.

The infamous gang was founded in America in 1935 and have a bitter and on-going feud with fellow bikers the Hells Angels. In 2008 seven members of the gang were jailed for the murder of Gerry Tobin who was killed in a drive-by on the M40 in Warwickshire following the annual Bulldog Bash in 2007.

One of the incriminating photographs shows Councillor Mason wearing the skull and cross bones logo of the Outlaws. No allegations have been made to suggest that he has been involved in any violence.

Mr Mason spoke to the press from his family home in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire admitting that he used to be a member of the gang but stating that he had now left. He added, “I have a private life – please contact my Conservative office if you need anymore comment.”

Tewkesbury Council chief executive Mike Dawson said Mason had not broken the authority’s code of conduct.

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