Osama Bin Laden’s youngest wife set to return home

Sadah is due to return to her homeland of Yemen

Sadah is due to return to her homeland of Yemen

Wife was wounded in US raid

Amal Ahmed al-Sadah, 29, is expected to return to Yemen having being kept by Pakistani security services since the US raid on the compound that eliminated her husband.

Sadah, 29, married Bin Laden in 1999.  She was wounded by the operation that killed her husband and detained by Pakistani officials in the compound in the northern garrison town of Abbottabad, where her husband was in hiding.  It is believed that US intelligence services also questioned her.

Confirmation of repatriation

Newspaper reports in the Saudi Arabia and Yemen that have been confirmed by officials in Riyadh, imply that arrangements have been settled between Pakistani and Yemeni diplomats that will have Sadah and her twelve year old daughter, Safia,  who was also injured in the raid, return to Sadah’s homeland of Yemen.

Kept hostage for five years

In the months of the September 11 attacks, Sadah fled from Afghanistan with her daughter.  She is believed to have told officials that they spent five years in the compound without leaving its gates, however their location during the intermediary period remains unknown.

Her family have repeatedly called for her repatriation, and have said that since the wedding in 2000, when she was 17, she has only been seen once.  Since that time, communication with her has been restricted to messages with couriers.

Other wives are also due for repatriation

Bin Laden’s third and fourth wives, both of whom are college graduates, were also found in the compound by during the US raid by Pakistani officials.  Both are Saudi citizens, born in Bin Laden’s home town of Jeddah, and are faced with no objection from Saudi Arabia to their repatriation.  Their husband was however stripped of his Saudi citizenship in 1994, when he revolted against Saudi rulers, eventually fleeing the country after the first Gulf war.


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