Online poker: worth the gamble?

Online poker player makes millions

Online poker player makes millions

An American online poker player has earned an astonishing $5.5million (£3.5m) through the game during 2010.

Dan Cates has finished the year on the top of  online poker company Full Tilt’s money list, following a major boost of $502,000 in the last few days of 2010.

Cates, who plays under the username ‘jungleman12′ approached a $250,000 loss at the beginning of his final game of online poker, but managed to reverse his fate and took $382k off the player ‘Antonius’ over a total of 1000 hands played.

Jungleman12 managed to be the winner of the top three pots of the night, worth $299, $229 and $173 taken a major proportion out of his opponent’s bankroll.

Antonius ended 2010 with his previous profits halved, but still secured a profit of $363,500 for the year. The runner up was one of the top online poker players, finishing highest in 2009 on $8.9 million, with Phil Ivey coming out on top in 2008 with a total of $7.3 million.

The 2008 top finalist made the top five 2010 winners making $3 million, joining Norwegian pro Andreas Torbergsen who was on $3.7 million, Tom Dwan on $3.6 million and finally harrington25 on $2.2 million.

Though online poker is now appearing to be an effective mode of income, there are many players who’s fate was not as fortunate in 2010. Among those thousands that lose money each year is Ilari Sahamies who lost $2.05 million to online poker, despite his fortune looking promising in September when he was showing a profit $1.48 before hitting a period he refers to as “my most sickening downswing yet.”

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