Now Sky produce the Queens speech, is anything safe from the grips of Mr Murdoch?

Queens Speech

Queens Speech

For the next two years Sky News will produce the Queens annual Christmas Day speech after approaching Buckingham Palace last year.

The move will pose the question, is anything safe from Skys grip?

Traditionally the role had been shared by the BBC and ITV teams, with each team doing two year stints.

The role used to belong exclusively to the BBC, who produced 66 consecutive years from King George V in 1932 until 1997 when ITV produced their first one.

The new schedule will see the three companies producing it for two in every six years.

Simon Cole, from Sky News, said it was a “great honour” to be part of the traditional address.

The next two years are full of exciting events for the royal families with both Kate and Wills wedding, and that of Zara Phillips and rugby player Mike Tindall.

The move, will be criticised in some royal circles with Prince Philip once famously calling Rupert Murdoch’s Sky network “anti establishment” and suggested they had “pulled the plug on an awful lot of things that we hold to be quite reasonable and sensible institutions.”

The Royal family were accused to taking the speech away from the BBC in 1997, following the BBCs Panorama interview with Lady Diana in 1995 that was not sanctioned by the palace. The royal family vehemently deny this.

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