Norwegian massacre suspect appears in court

Anders Behring Breivik

Norwegian Gunman

Anders Behring Breivik, the man who is accused of perpetrating the worst act of violence in Norway’s post war history appeared in court on Monday after being arrested for the murder of 76 people in two separate incidents last Friday.

Breivik faced terrorism charges –destabilising vital functi

Anders Behring Breivik

ons of society including the government and causing serious fear in the population.

After the appearance of a 1500 page ‘manifesto’ written by Breivick, on the internet, setting out his aims and ideology and the apparent desire of the suspect to use his court appearance as a platform to address the people of Norway, the Judge ruled that Breivik’s hearing should be held behind closed doors.

The suspect who has already admitted responsibility for the bomb blast in Oslo which claimed eight lives and the horrific massacre on the island of Utoeya which claimed the lives of 68 young people, has now claimed that he was part of a ‘cell’ and that there were another two cells working alongside him.

Although police say it is unlikely others were involved in the gruesome series of events, the prosecutor, Mr Hatlo said he “cannot completely, and I stress completely, rule out that others were involved in what happened”.

Mr Breivik’s lawyer, Ger Lippestad said that his client had expected to be shot dead on his way to court by angry fellow countrymen, and added, “He has a completely different perception of reality than us other Norwegians, for instance he thinks that torture exists in prisons in Norway”.

Mr Breivik has been remanded in custody for two months, the first month in full isolation. He cannot receive any correspondence or see any visitors apart from his lawyer. Prosecutor Mr Hatlo described the accused as being very calm at the hearing and being “unaffected” by events.

He added that Breivik was willing to explain his motives and was allowed to by Judge Heger, until he started reading from his manifesto at which point the judge stopped him and summed up the suspect’s words in his post hearing statement. The judge said Breivik claimed he acted to save Norway and the rest of Europe from “Marxist and Muslim colonisation”.


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