North Korea: Statue Unveiled For Kim Jong-il

People get close-up ofthe workmanship used to finish the statue

People get close-up ofthe workmanship used to finish the statue

Following a failed rocket launch, North Korea has tried to better the mood in the nation by unveiling a huge statue of their former leader Kim Jong-il to a massive crowd of interested people. The unveiling was broadcast on North Korean state television, and the new statue was placed next to one of his father, Kim Il-sung.

Increase the power

The current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, also attended the ceremony of the man he had succeeded. The crowd of people that came to witness the historical event were all North Koreans, hundreds of whom were lined up neatly in rows in a large square.

Many of the people that came to experience the day laid flowers and cheered the revealing of the new statue. It has been said that the placement of Kim Jong-il’s statue next to his father’s is an attempt to increase the power of his personality while also helping the dynastic succession of Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il’s son.

The statue made of bronze was unveiled in an outdoor ceremony on Mansu Hill in central Pyongyang. Senior officials of North Korea unwrapped the statue while a song was played by a military band. Fireworks were also released into the air from behind the statues, which made onlookers happy.

The day was overshadowed somewhat by the failed rocket launch and embarrassment for North Korea. When launched, the rocket was seen to break up after only a few minutes, with around 20 pieces of the rocket falling into the Yellow Sea.

It was revealed that the Unha-3 rocket was a cover for a ballistic missile test, which was a move condemned by the larger international community.

North Korea had ignored pleas from the US and South Korea, as well as Japan on the eleventh hour. The North Koreans have remained adamant that they were sending the rocket into space so that they could launch an observation satellite into orbit.

Recovery in economy

The launch marked several turning points for North Korea, as there was a lack of demand seen in the nation’s exports. This has meant that there is a marked slowdown in Asia’s fourth-largest economy’s growth.

The Bank of Korea has also managed to hold off from making any changes to borrowing costs for what is now the 10th month in a row. The bank have said that there is a small sign of recovery, as consumption and investment in the construction industry has increased.

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