News: MP’s Wife Sentenced For Taking Cat

John Hemming

John Hemming

Christine Hemming, the wife of MP John Hemming, was given a nine –month suspended jail sentence today for stealing a kitten from her husband’s mistress. Mrs Hemming was found guilty of burglary by a jury in Birmingham Crown Court last month for taking the cat. CCTV outside the home of Emily Cox, the mistress of Liberal Democrat John Hemming, showed Mrs Hemming sneaking into the house while her husband was in it and leaving with the cat. Mrs Hemming’s sentence has been suspended for 12 months, during which time she must complete 150 hours of unpaid community work and pay costs of £1,000.

No recollection

Mrs Hemming plead not guilty to the charges during the trial, but was found guilty by a jury after CCTV footage was shown of her crawling under a window in the garden to reach the back door unseen. It then showed her entering the property of her husband’s mistress and leaving with a tabby cat. She admitted the footage did not look good, but claimed she had only been at the house to drop off some mail and crawled under the window so she would not be seen by any children present at the time. She also claimed to have no recollection of taking the cat, which was never seen again.

Love triangle

At the time the cat was taken Mrs Hemming was part of a love triangle between her husband and Emily Cox. The love triangle had been going on for 13 years and Mr Hemming spent his time between his marital home and that of his mistress – who he has a child with – with his wife’s knowledge.

When speaking to the police Mrs Hemming denied having committed burglary, but admitted she had picked up the cat before letting it go and that “everything just got out of hand.”


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