News: Babies Involved In Car Accidents

Wang Yue Died in Hospital

Wang Yue Died in Hospital

A Chinese toddler in southern China was recently run over by two vans and ignored by 18 people passing by. The two-year-old girl had been in a coma since October 13, when she was run over, and died earlier today. The Chinese public has been outraged, especially as the footage was shown on television and the drivers of both vehicles have been detained.

Online commentators have since questioned the state of the country’s morality as the child had been left bleeding in the street. Her parents were migrant workers. However, not all infants are so unlucky.

Australian Crash

Another car crash occurred recently in Australia. A mother was shopping in a newsagent’s in Sydney at 3:30 in the afternoon. She was at the counter when a car crashed into the shop, scattering papers everywhere and hitting the pram of her 17 month old baby boy. Her young daughter ran through the store just before impact and escaped. The little boy remained unharmed.

The driver was tested for driving under the influence and it was found that he had not been doing so. Witnesses said he had swerved to avoid another car. The mother was seen afterwards clutching the uninjured baby, obviously terrified.

Morality Difference?

In the case of the little girl in China, she was not so lucky. Little Wang Yue died of systematic organ failure just over a week after the accident. The Guangdong province where she was hit is considering bringing about a law to require people to help when others are in obvious distress, though initial online polls are against this. The micro-blog site that condemned the accident is now being used to gather opinions on how to change the situation in future.

The rubbish collector who found the toddler long after she was hit and moved her to the side of the street had been hailed as a national hero, though the country’s lack of concern for an ailing child is now in question. The hit and run incident had been captured on a surveillance camera and shown on television throughout the country.

The little boy in Australia was very lucky, but in addition, the driver did not drive away immediately afterwards in his case and others rushed to help, showing the difference between the two situations.

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