New Zealand earthquake claims the Lives of an Irishman and a Briton

Rescue workers still searching for survivors

Rescue workers still searching for survivors

An Irishman and a Briton have being killed by an earthquake in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand.

A spokesperson for the Irish department of foreign affairs has revealed that both men were living in the city and the families of the victims had been informed.

The department also highlighted its strong concerns over two other Irish citizens who may have been in the area when the earthquake took place.

The Irishman hailed originally from county Monaghan in Ireland, and he has left behind a young family.

The Briton killed in the quake is married to an Irish woman, the department stated.

The death toll has reached 75 in the city of Christchurch as a result of the quake, with a reported 300 people still missing.

Ongoing attempts to rescue the missing people who are trapped in damaged buildings, and under debris are contiuing, with emergency teams using heavy machinery, dogs, and their bare hands to rescue the trapped people.

Rescue teams were ordered to withdraw from the Canterbury TV building as they are “100% certain” of no survivors following the collapse of the six story building.

The death toll is almost certain to rise following the 6.3 magnitude quake, according to officials.

Prime Minister John Key issued a statement of intent in the aftermath of the quake; “We are a resilient nation, we will not bow down to this challenge.”

120 people were rescued from buildings as rescue teams worked endlessly throughout the night, while bodies were also recovered amongst the rubble, according to Christchurch mayor Bob Parker.

Specialist teams gathered from across the world to aid police and rescue workers in helping to find and rescue the trapped people.

Residents of Christchurch are being urged to stay in homes, as parts of the city hit by the quake are in ruins, with areas suffering water supply, power, and telephone cuts.

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