New Zealand: Dramatic Flood Rescue

New Zealand Flood

New Zealand Flood

The worst of the weather is coming to an end in New Zealand, more so in the worst hit areas with the rain clouds easing in Nelson and clear skies in the Far North. The destruction that the flood has caused will remain for a lot longer, as many will struggle to rebuild lives.

Stuck on trees

However, the state of emergency still exists in the areas of Tasmin and Nelson since heavy rainfall flooded homes, caused road closures and created dangerous landslides which forced the emergency evacuation of more than 100 people over night. The floods reached such levels that tourists were stuck on trees before the emergency rescue teams could get them to dry land.

Despite the distance between regions both were hit  because both were located on the west, with the front moving eastwards, the western areas would be the first to see clear skies. However in the eastern Far North between Kaeo and Kerikeri the swollen rivers have spilled over into the flood plains, causing major flooding which has closed roads.

Northland Regional Council hydrologist Dale Hansen commented on the rainfall saying some areas have received 75-125mm of rainfall this morning on top of the 50-70mm of rainfall within the previous days. He went on to say that when the rainfall levels when compared to those in Nelsonare considerably lower.

In  Auckland minor surface flooding has caused traffic on the northern and western motorways, whilst strong wings led to a warning aimed at drivers to take care on the Harbour Bridge. Nelson and Tasmin have received almost two months worth of rainfall yesterday, despite a brief respite they were later hit once again with another bout of wet weather.

There have been two  welfare centre’s set up for those who have been evacuated from their homes, in some areas the weather has also cut telephone lines which has made it difficult for emergency services to know what regions people have been stranded.


Contractors are working to restore the 300 phone connections over Britannia Heights but up to 500 landlines in Tahunanui would remain out of action for over a week. Residents have been told to conserve clean running water in case of further emergencies. People are also urged to stay of the roads as excess waves are causing further damage to properties.

The events in New Zealand are just one example of the many predictions made by Nostradamus and the Mayans, where the increased volatility in weather patterns and natural disasters predict the end of the world.

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