New York: Woman Dies After Being Set On Fire In Elevator

Jerome Isaac

Jerome Isaac

It can what can only be described as a gruesome attack, an elderly woman in New York, America, has died after being set on fire when inside an elevator in Brooklyn. Figures show that Brooklyn is safer than 37% of cities in the United States, and the chances of any person becoming a victim is high at 1 in 49.

Not one of the safest areas

This is a place that is clearly not one of the safest areas, nor does it contain any semblance of having safe communities. Looking at the US as a whole, it boasts a crime rate which is higher than 76% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

The recent attack on vulnerable old lady is just one instance which echoes the statistics. However, the police have done well in capturing the man of committed such a heinous act.

The man claimed to have committed the crime has appeared in court, he is being accused of dousing the 73-year-old woman and then setting her alight in an elevator. He has appeared in court for the first time, he himself is showing signs of burns as the left side of his face is blistered and burned and his upper lip swollen.

The man has been named as Jerome Isaac, 47, and he is facing charges of murder and arson. During the hearing in Brooklyn criminal court where he was ordered to be held without bail as a suspect in the death of Deloris Gillespie. His lawyer has requested that Isaac receives solitary confinement and medical attention but he did not speak outside court.

Isaac had in the past been seen at the ladies apartment doing odd jobs, and he had told police that he chose to set her on fire because she in debt to him to the tune of $2,000. The man had no history of any criminality and although his may appear to be out of character, no one is ready to say that he wasn’t a highly dangerous man.

surveillance footage

Isaac was picked up in surveillance footage in which he is seen gripping a canister sprayer which he uses to cover the lady in gasoline, wearing white gloves and a dust mask on his head.

Details of the crime are so grim that it is shocking to hear any human able to commit themselves to completing the act.

Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Taub said: “I know this is the defendant’s first offense, but the depravity of this particular single act is beyond my description.”

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